The Posterior Cuff Conundrum

The Posterior Cuff/Capsule as it’s commonly called, refers to the posterior component of the rotator cuff which consists of the teres minor and infraspinatus muscles. It is an area of the body that often times gets ‘junked up’ and causes a myriad of issues that affect shoulder health. If present, PC tightness affects normal range of motion, causes the humeral head to migrate forward, results in impingement like symptoms, and can cause general shoulder aches and pains with normal body-weight movement. Its’ interaction with the lats as they ‘pass through’ on the way to their insertion on the intertubercular groove causes further complications if a myofascial adhesion (muscles and fascia that don’t slide on each other properly) occurs. Regardless of how much shoulder rehab you attempt, nothing will make your lower traps, serratus anterior, rotator cuff etc. fire properly if the posterior cuff is tight and stealing the limelight. It is absolutely imperative that you focus on regular shoulder health and mobility drills (along with every other area of your body) if you truly wish to remain healthy and take your performance to the next level. Below is just one of a myriad of prehab drills that I use with my clients and athletes to help them move better, live better. Don’t expect to perform to the best of your abilities if you’re at home nursing an injury. Train smart and hard. Looking to take your performance and fitness to the next level? Give our Adult Performance Program a try! Email to sign-up for a one-week free trial today!


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