Broken FitBit’s and Weight Loss Plateaus.

Ah, weight loss. The most frustrating two words since “bed time” that your parents used to say five minutes into your favourite television show on a school night. I don’t recall at least one week going by without one of my clients or members talking to me in some capacity about their weight loss goals, expressing their frustration with the slow-changes, asking for additional work at home for their midsection, contemplating eater fewer calories to speed up the process etc.

“Is my FitBit broken? Why does mine say I only burned 287 Calories but hers says 412 Calories, and his says 547 Calories?”

“I’m getting frustrated Ian, at my age my main goal is to see the scale go down. I’ve been here 4 months now and it hasn’t gone down as much as I hoped.”

“I was doing so well for a while there, but now it seems my weight loss has plateaued. What do I do?”

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, I encourage you to read THIS article. Precision Nutrition is one of the gold-standards in the industry when it comes to reliable and trustworthy information pertaining to anything nutrition related. Their team put together this excellent read, which discusses everything you need to know about weight loss, caloric intake, dietary labels, caloric expenditure, individual differences, resting metabolic rate, the foods you should be eating, how to cook your foods for the best results, tips on sticking to your plan etc. Give it a look through, it might just be the information you’ve been looking for  —-> READ THE ARTICLE HERE <—-





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