Installment #2: Why Everyone Should…

While I firmly believe in individualization and program design built around injury history, movement limitations, and experience level, there are certain things I feel the entire population (athlete or adult) can benefit from doing (and doing so safely). This week’s installment will look at one of the major exercises/lifts that I contribute to my full recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery, ranks high on the badassery scale, … Continue reading Installment #2: Why Everyone Should…

Optimizing Movement Series: Maximizing your Warm-up

A lot of people out there like to hop on the treadmill or spin bike, take a few laps around the building, or row for 10 minutes and consider that a sufficient warm-up prior to exercise. While that’s all certainly better than performing no warm-up at all, including proper dynamic drills in your warm-up can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. You can utilize dynamic … Continue reading Optimizing Movement Series: Maximizing your Warm-up

How to Make the Perfect Athlete

I’ve been reading an amazing book over the past few month’s called The Sports Gene by David Epstein. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read it. For any sports fan, exercise science buff, or research geek. A few of the chapters have sparked an interesting debate that I often have with myself… When it comes to athletics and performance, and more specifically success … Continue reading How to Make the Perfect Athlete

The Front Squat: Clean Grip or Cross-Face Grip?

If the back squat is the Lamborghini Aventador of the lifting world, the front squat is the Ferrari 458 Italia. Equivalent in that both are badass, and depending which millionaire you ask, they will have their own reasons as to which one is in their garage and why. A true car enthusiast however, will not degrade one versus the other, but show appreciation for both. This is the … Continue reading The Front Squat: Clean Grip or Cross-Face Grip?